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The socks and hat are great. I'm so very woefully lacking in courage to tackle things like any sort of pattern or design. Wait, that's not true, I'm actually working on a box stitch (I think that's what it's called) in my first-ever sweater. I like making plain socks because I don't have to think at all...just knit and knit and do some stuff and then magically they're done. But boy, those broadripple socks are tempting.


Busy, busy girl! Wow, very pretty hat. =)


Ok, so your sock knitting inspired me to purchase some Fixation and make Broadripples. Thanks a lot! :)

me, Mavis

So I was all jumping down here to tell you "how awesome!" with regard to the socks, but then I had to stop and see the great hat. Good work! I finally finished my Ribbed Fixation socks (started as a copycat from you), but haven't posted yet ....sooon!


Awesome. Love all of it. How did you like the Broadripple pattern? I've been thinking of trying it one of these days.

Secret Pal

Wow! I'm very impressed at your recent projects, not to mention getting your mom into it! My mom taught me how to knit, and I can't imagine learning without her help. I especially like the hat, it's fab! Look for your package shortly!

-Your SP8

Vegan Knitting

earthchick - i loved the broadripple pattern. looks fancy but it's easy to memorize.

Hi SP! Nice to see you! I'm glad my mom's interested. Her friend knits and says that it helps her hands with arthritis - I guess moving those joints, etc. is helping them to stay more limber. I'm very happy with the way the hat turned out. I was a little nervous about it fitting him, and about how the decreases would go with the cables. Thanks! I'll keep my eyes out for the package. I don't care if it comes a bit later than the end of the swap.


I love the broadripple socks. The hat is great too!

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