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They look delish!

BTW, I have no email or phone, just cell phone till the phone company come for a visit.

Glad to see you've got the baking bug!


I really would love to eat some of those cookies this very minute. Curses!

I LOVE to bake, and I haven't in some time - I think the heat and my current state of being this summer kept me away from the oven most of the summer.

I remember I went on an enormous baking spree after seeing the LOTR movies - something about them made me want to be cozy and bake-y - and I took to calling anything I made, whether it was banana bread or muffins, "lembas bread." ha!

xoxo MJ

Vegan Knitting

hehe. You know, despite liking LOTR so much that I've got a tattoo on my back of the Tengwar from the inside of the ring, I've never seen the movies!

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