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Just learned that November is Vegan month so happy happy to you! Care to share a recipe I can post on my blog?

My fave vegan recipe is lemon saitan from Blind Faith restaurant in Evanston Illinois. Wish I could recreate it at home because it is to DIE for. And their vegan chocolate cake----yummmmmmmmm.

Vegan Knitting

Hi Lorinda,

I'd love to share a recipe with you!

I've never been to any vegan restaurants in Illinois but I'll keep it in mind in the spring when I have to drive to Kentucky to present at a national special education conference!


Thanks for the shout-out. Did you make the soup? It really was awesome.

Ima Mysteree

Good morning! Just your SP checking in. I sent you an ecard yesterday but not quite sure if you got it as it was from a site I had never been to before. Hope your feeling better. I had a bad batch of sickness last week also. I am more than half way done with your first package! I just know you will love this!!! Take care and get better quick!!!


Oh my STARS! That pumpkin muffin was amazing. It's as though had not had a muffin until that day...

Vegan Knitting

THanks, Ima! I did get the card - I love my veggies!

Simone - I'm so glad you liked it! We'll certainly make up a few batches when you are up here!


My kids have the Play With your Food book! It's funny because I saw that picture and thought, that has to be the same people.

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