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Yay! I'm glad you like everything. I'm glad you found the DPNs. :-) If the hat is a little big, you could try to shrink it a little since it's cotton.


I love the green/brown theme of all the gifts. I'm wondering if it was intentional. =) Lovely orange hemp; I nearly bought some in that color on Wednesday.

Don't forget to rate Jennifer on Swap-bot. Do you want to copy this post over to the VeganPal blog..? Or maybe just put a post with a link?

So, I should've told you sooner, but I don't get to got work the vegan cooking class tomorrow. The teach is being a little weird about it all and wants me to come up on a day that's not class day to try it all out. Hopefully I'll get it worked out by December.


Great presents!


Wow!! Lucky you to get such nice treats, and so early! I better get moving on mine. Clover DPNs are divine!


Very cool package!! I love the hat.

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