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catherine Ross

I thought this cupcake was fab and I'm really not a big cupcake fan. I would never have known they were vegan (but yea!). The cayenne really made this for me (despite the spice cough!)


Oh yes, I forgot to warn about the spice cough - I'll edit the post now!


This sounds DEVINE -- even for those of us non-vegans. I'd love the recipe if you care to share :)


Those are creative looking cupcakes!

I've moved my blog to veganheartdoc.blogspot.com. Please update your link. Thanks!

catherine Ross

actually, i thought the topping was great. just need to get it to stick a tad!


Hi Heather - Yes, I saw! I'm just lazy about updating.

Patricia - I'm happy to share it! I'll see if I can make a copy or I'll type it out.


That just looks yum. *drool* !! :)


Where can I find the recipe for the chocolate cupcakes? They look divine.


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thanks so much for the notes on making these cupcakes! love your blog!

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