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Yum indeed!!!

catherine ross

I was actually planning on a soup with garlicy chickpeas and dino kale, but incredibly my chickpeas were well past the expiration date (and, I didn't purchase them that long ago, so guess you've always got to check those dates).

I ended up using white cannellini beans and orange cauliflower with olives - a treat! Did you use the XV oil for this? Looks very, very good.


*sends good house vibes*
I might be up in Portland during spring break (mar 20-something-ish) for a couple days to just check it out. I'm considering relocating there but I've never been there. =)


All that food looks so good!


Well, as a vegan and a knitter, you'll fit right in Portland. For instance, a vegan grocery just moved to bigger surroundings. A new yarn shop called Yarnia is opening Saturday in it's old location. yarniapdx.com


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