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I want some burgers now!


I love the cilantro sour cream recipe. I always use firm tofu and blend it up real well and let it sit about an hour in the fridge before using. it firms up nice. I throw that stuff on everything! Glad to hear the burgers were good, I haven't done those yet.


When I last made them, I added a diced jalapeno pepper and a bit more chili powder. I like 'em spicy!


It looks really good. (Except the part that involves cilantro, only because I don't like the taste).

Veganomicon is a cookbook, right? Would you recommend it, or does it just have a few good recipes?


Yummmmm. This post and your last one are reminding me that I really must pull out Veganomicon and try some more recipes. It really is a great cookbook!

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