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Mmm it looks awesome! Try black bean hummus. I'm not a big fan of hummus in general (too bland for me) but I will devour bowls of it by myself. The whole family likes it! We top ours with parmesean to give it a bit more kick but I know you aren't about to do that. ;)


I agree, Eat to live is perfect for this kind of weather. And hummus plus vegetables is something I could eat all day.


Yum! I should be eating like this! The heat is making me eat salad and more salad. I have no appetite except for leafies. I like to do hummus with white/cannelini beans and do roasted garlic...if you want to deviate from the chicks.

Tim Barker

Hummus is great in the summer. I have a great recipe if anyone is interested with olive oil and coriander. I based it on the Turkish style hummus. Check it out on www.veganrecipes4u.com

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