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Interesting that you should post about this, two of my sons and I started the same program today. I requested and received a stopwatch for my birthday for timing our runs. We left it a little late and it was hot - I really wish my middle son had dragged himself out of bed earlier!


My husband and I are doing the same program, we just finished Day 1 of Week 4 today!


I did the program too, and spread it waaay out. But, I start the run 10, walk 1, 2x and run 8 today and I can't believe I can run 28 minutes now! It has been great.


Hi Jessica,

That's great! I stopped doing it when I got sick but am about to start again.  The only problem is that Portland is such a rainy place and I need to get a rain jacket with vents because when I ran with my current rain jacket, it was like running in a sauna!


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I just found your blog. I was asstounded to see your comments on Couch to 5K just a few hours after talking with a friend about the same thing. Is this the universe telling me to get off my backside?

I add hempseed to my smoothies. They aren't gritty but maybe not as much protein as the powder.

Keep up the good work!

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