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sivan in the city

I LOVE your blog
wow. you make really neat stuff too
do you sell it or it's just for fun?
Be sure to check out my blog and I highly recommend you visit my friend Nadav's blog
it at www.nodidagan.blogspot.com
he makes clocks from Vintage childrens games


They look great! :)


They are beautiful! Nice work.

Vegan Knitting

H Sivan,

I checked out his blog - those are great clocks! I assume that he's in Israel but they sure would do well on the market here in the US.


awesome socks!! i've yet to embark on the sock making thang... some day... so far I've only been knitting pockets and purses... 8 pockets, a purse, and I'm working on finishing up a backpack and starting another purse... I've got to try socks.. I love socks! =)
jenni (knitting since feb! yeah!)


Cute socks!

Vegan Knitting

Thanks Jenny and Gail!


They turned out awesome! And you sure got them finished fast! I'm still on my first one. :P They really look great though, very motivating for me to get mine picked up again!

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