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wow, fancy leg tatoo (and cool sock!)


The sock looks great! Can't wait to see the finished pair.


I love your tattoo! If you wouldn't mind sharing, how did you chose that design?
Your sock looks fabulous. You've sure beaten me! :) I'm barely past the last pic I posted. Was the toe difficult?


I'm loving the stripes! They are subtle, but still stripy. I still need to get into my Fixation stash.

Is it time to start showing off our tattoos? *evil laugh* Yours is lovely. I'll echo Sarah's question.

Vegan Knitting

I, too, like the almost-stripey but not too stripey stripes.

Sarah - the toe is super easy. You just ssk at the beginning and k2tog at the end of each of the top and bottom. So it decreases evenly on both sides.

My tattoo - it is a hand-drawn version of one of Brian Froud's fairy drawings, slightly modified. I also have another one of his on my back, along with the inscription from the ring in LOTR on my lower back, and a Kokopelli on my inner arm. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

me, Mavis

OK, I'm sold on the Ribbed Fixation Socks! I'll be visiting my pal's LYS today and will treat myself to some stripey Fixation. Get ready for the questions, VK!

... and, if ya'll keep up this tattoo talk, will that be next?

Vegan Knitting

You mean you'd get a tattoo, too? I'm picturing a nice Lithuanian crest...

me, Mavis

Let's not get too far ahead with the tatt .... but the White Knight would be a great subject!!

However, I am officially With Fixation! Yesterday I bought 2 balls of the spray-dyed mix of light and dark purple, medium blue and teal AND I printed the pattern from Anna's site! Can't wait to get started. I hope they look as nice as yours, VK!

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