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i really love the branching out scarf and can't wait to see it when you're done.

funny about the ribbed fixation socks. i've worn them 3 times, the third being yesterday, and they just started feeling loose-ish. i don't get why since they weren't the other times i wore them.

but i'm still in love with them!


Sounds like your day was fun. I love Napa and Sonoma.

Vegan Knitting

Yes, the weather was beautiful yesterday, Jennifer. Of course ten million other people thought so too, and decided to go a-wining. Luckily we were only stuck in horrible traffic for about 5 miles (which lost us about 30 minutes) but the llama owners were just working in the yard anyway so they didn't mind that we were late.

I'd never been to Napa before except for one school observation so it was very nice to see the towns. The countryside is just beautiful!


sounds like fun! i've never heard of that farm, but i'm definitely going to check it out now.

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