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wow -- Anna's ribbed fixation socks take over the world! my local friend megan is also making them! and isn't sara making them? i really love how stretchy the leg is, so you can make them as long as you want and not have to worry. that's probably the coolest part. oh, and i want to add, cause i didn't get this at first, is that after you do the slipped stitch heel flap and start "turning the heel," your end result is 18 stitches. that number isn't in the pattern but i think it's useful to know. good luck with them!


and i keep thinking about that purple/pink color you've got there -- so pretty! i might have to get that one some day...

Bitter Knitter (emily)

Oh, the sock pattern looks great. I've got some fixation that has been waiting to become something! It might be fun to do a top-down sock!

Vegan Knitting

Thanks for the info Michelle! I'm in the middle of the heel flap stitches right now but I have about another 10 repeats before the "turn" so i'll keep that in mind.

Sara was making it but she messed something up and has to rip. I think she may start with a different sock pattern.

Vegan Knitting

Oh, and it's color #9674 if you're interested in finding some for yourself.


Yeah!!! Your doing socks! I need to get some of that yarn and try that pattern. Yummy socks! :)


I love the colors too! Really pretty! I hope you have better luck with the heel than I did. I watched the video and understood it too, but it didn't help when it came to the real sock. :(

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