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Jumbleberry Jam

I so admire your perseverance! It looks lovely in spite of the slope :-)


Yum. Haven't a clue about the weird rising -- but I'd guess that somewhere at the beginning of the rising stage the dough is not level or that one side is warmer in the rising than the other. I'm back home and ready to try some sourdough again!


I just love your Madeline reference!
Nothing is as delicious smelling as fresh bread - sloapy or not!


The weird rising is probably due to the knead cycle. I know in my breadmaker, occasionally after the last knead cycle into the last rise, the dough is lumped on one side of the pan. This causes my loaf to be uneven because the rise won't even it out.

It probably won't happen every time you use the machine, but it will happen occasionally. You'll probably see the nest time you use it that the loaf is even or raised more on another side. Unfortunately, those are the quirks of machine baking.


Next time, not nest time. Sheesh ;)


I just recently started making bread and had the yeast issue but no the lopsided issue. I discovered I have to use less yeast due to the altitude (just outside denver). Now my problem is how to store is and how to slice it. :-)


MMM I love fresh bread too. My mom used to make bread in the bread machine but it was the rounded taller loaves. You need to learn Japanese so you can call customer support for your bread machine and your fridge issues! I don't know why it's lopsided. Are you kneading the bread and putting it in or does it do all the work? My only thought would be how it's shaped that one side is rolled tighter than the other before it's baked, causing the uneven surface.

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