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Very cute, I still need to try Wick at some point.


Those are awesome!


Thanks, Kala!  I'm not crazy about it due to the splitting issue I mentioned in the review on VeganSAL, but once done, they are very soft and cozy.

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Hi! I've just found your blog, via Kala's, and I like it a lot. I'm just about to add you to my blog roll. I was going to put you under 'vegan crafts', but then I kept reading and saw your kitchen and cooking posts, so you'll be under two categories! I'm glad I found you and I hope you'll visit my blog, too, which is also quite a mixture! I'm Scottish Vegan Homemaker at svh2.wordpress.com
Great socks, BTW. I must get back to knitting socks... I'm on cosy jumpers at the moment. We have LOTS of snow here...


Oh! I've just spotted the kitten at the back of the photo on your previous blog entry! How gorgeous is that wee soul?


You really do make the coolest socks! Love that colorway, the stripes really make this pair awesome.

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