Thanks for this list!


Great list. I never knew there was such a choice. Please add elann esprit (prints and solids) at It's basically the same as Cascade Fixation and I use it all the time.


hmm, apparently Sock Pixie don't have their vegan yarn listed anymore... The colours were great (I'm knitting one of the 2 skeins I bought a while back at the moment and it's very pretty, although it does feel a little thin...) and I wanted to get some more when I could, guess if you snooze you loose!

I have some Wendy Happy, am planning on knitting that up soon so you can add a photo when I've used it! lol

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fixing the above (why didn't i preview?)
Bamboozle is vegan BamboozleColors IMHO, it's very soft and easy to knit including comfortable! on the feet without having to purl the foot. there are 3 FREE sock patts, and we'll put up MORE MORE MORE if you wish. 2ColorFunnyBubbles-okLet'sRedoWithRibbing? plus babysocks plus summerdreams
ps write me and i'll send you some more sock yarn!

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The different patterns and colors of those socks are amazing! I hope I can find a similar pattern! I need to use up all of the brown sheep yarn I got from the carders, so a sock would make a good project, since I can make quite a number of pairs!


Thank you so much for posting this list, I have a pattern I have wanted to knit but have not been able to find any vegan sock yarns, this list is amazing!

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